Thursday, March 6, 2008

Makdee Man?

Rumor has it Shahrukh Khan will be starring in the Indian version of comic book/Hollywood blockbuster Spiderman.

Am I the only person who is slightly disturbed by this?

Last time we checked, our beloved Peter Parker was most certainly not 42. Unless Shahrukh wants to create the first ever Pranay Patel urf dadaji Spidey, we're pretty sure he should leave the building-hopping to a certain Hrithik Roshan.

Then again, if he can romance 21-year-olds, he can become the web-spewing hero. Any guesses for Mary Jane?

Apparently the film will be the most expensive venture to ever be launched, and at this moment Shahrukh is searching for a 12-year-old who can swing through buildings and atop cars along his side.

He could just ask beta Aryan. Although, age-wise, methinks Aryan himself would make a better Spidey...

I'm back.

Get ready.