Thursday, September 18, 2008

Farhan Rocks, His Voice Does Not...

That's right, folks...I'm back after nearly a month, what with falling behind schedule of late. You'll have to excuse me, but I tend to be highly unproductive while starving myself during the day, and even more unproductive come sunset after consuming enough food to feed a pack of lions.

To save yourselves from boredom, I will be brief and to the point. And lo and behold, I actually have positive things to say for a change, which - if you read my blog at all - is a rarity indeed.

An Indian rock band sounds like risky business. Let's face reality, a group like Euphoria may come and go, and Pakistani singer Atif Aslam may soar to the top of the charts; however, the rock genre is not exactly a best-selling sort in a country that prefers its music either soft and sweet or booming enough for a bhangra.

But it seems Farhan Akhtar is hardly a name synonymous with failure. Hence Rock On, a film made much in the nature of cult classic Dil Chahta Hai, works. It works for its character depth; it works for its well-narrated plot; and it works for the subtlety of its performances. What ironically does not work is the music. Yes, a few songs are catchy, and the filmmakers have done a splendid job turning an unlikely four into rock stars. But as much as Farhan makes a solid acting debut, the same cannot be said about his singing. His off-key voice is a bit much to handle, but then again vocals don't really matter much when it comes to heavy rock.

At least there is a level of maturity that is missing from 99% of the films that release nowadays. And maybe Arjun Rampal will finally be noticed as an underrated talent. Prachi Desai, playing Farhan's love interest, deserves a special mention for making a smooth transition from over-the-top Star soaps to another form of acting all together.

Verdict? Don't say I didn't warn you that Farhan (the actor, not singer) will win you over...