Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Enough Magic

The world of entertainment is all about guilty pleasures, and Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is about as close as one can get to exactly that...2+ hours of simple, enjoyable fun, albeit the type you may not want to admit to having.

It is, after all, a film made for children - one that borrows from an array of prior children's films, be it Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music, or India's own Mr. India or Raju Chacha. But despite its lack of originality, the film scores through just the right amount of sweet, heartwarming moments, as well as recognizing where and when the 'magic' quotient should end.

It also works for its performances, primarily from the lead pair who did not quite weave magic with their last bachcha-oriented outing, Ta Ra Rum Pum. That Rani is the best mainstream actress in the industry at the moment is no secret and, while this may not be a highly demanding performance, she approaches it with enthusiasm and wit. Saif, too, is seen in far more appropriate territory after the debacles that were Race and Tashan.

It will pain me oh so much to say that even Amisha Patel, the world's worst actress in my book, plays her part...correctly. She is meant to be overtly annoying, and she very much is that. The children are cute and likable enough, with special mentions to the two middle ones, Aditi and Iqbal.

What doesn't work? The music, for starters...Pyaar Ke Liye is the only track one walks away with, and that is also perhaps because it is shoved onto the audience in loud outbursts ever so often to create a mood. Lazy Lamhe is a sorry excuse to show off some sensuality...wasn't this a kid's film?

Verdict? Let's face many Hindi films can you watch with your whole family nowadays? Even if you don't want to tell your friends you saw it, not to mention it's utterly predictable, it's still worth a watch for making a sincere attempt at classic, wholesome entertainment.


bollyviewer said...

"2+ hours of simple, enjoyable fun" - describes it pretty well. And I have absolutely no qualms about admitting that I enjoy kiddie fairytales! :-D

Nicki said...

Yah. My next to watch list.