Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cannes Continued

We are officially shocked. And by we, I just mean me, because this isn't a co-authored blog (but it just sounds so much cooler to say 'we'). Just when we were giving Ash kudos for finally premiering well at the Cannes Film Festival 2009, she's gone ahead and outdone herself by looking even better on Day 2!

At the premiere of Spring Fever, Mrs. Rai-Bachchan was spotted in a wonderfully contemporary but classy gown from Elie Saab Spring 2009. The soft color is perfect for spring time, and the hair is simple as it should be with a gown that already draws attention via the draping at the bodice and add-on sleeve. The way the gown flows is the stuff enchanted fairy tales are made of.

Furthermore, hubby Abhi is back in full form with a normal black suit and striped tie. We'll bet (there's another 'we' :-)) no one will be confusing him for the hired help this time around!


Bhargav Saikia said...

Amazing! I'm so so happy that people are appreciating Ash now..atleast! lol! Thanks for covering the Cannes!

Darshit said...

Breaking News !!!!!


Adas said...

Small B looks old and dumb! :D

Sana Anwar said...

i know! she's been looking nasty this last year. and by "nasty" i mean I would rather look like her any day but "nasty" for her standards.

and then i saw her on foxnews and I was like, wha?!